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                                  Status page for the Harvard FAS Research Computing cluster and other resources.

                                  Please scroll down to see details on any Incidents or maintenance notices.


                                  2nd August 2024

                                  HolyLFS holylfs OST's stuck

                                  Several OST's of holylfs are stuck. We are resetting. As a reminder please only use holylfs for long term storage and not for production jobs.

                                  24th July 2024

                                  HolyLFS03 holylfs03 down OST's

                                  Several OST's are down for holylfs03. We are working to resolve.

                                  HolyLFS holylfs stuck OST's

                                  Several OST's of holylfs are stuck. We are rebooting.

                                  For issues not shown here, please contact FASRC via
                         or email
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